Streakless Windows' Policies

Streakless Windows stands alone in all that it offers YOU

Appointments - When booking your appointments you will be required to put down a non-refundable $89 deposit on the credit card of your choice. This deposit will be part of your originally quoted total for any service, and is not in addition to the work being performed. If something major comes up please call as soon as you know you will be unable to keep your appointment and we may be able to reschedule your service without a complete loss of the deposit. If for some reason Streakless Windows is responsible for having to reschedule your appointment YOU WILL NOT lose any of your $89 deposit.

To ensure you get “the BEST service experience” each time we service your home, Streakless Windows only schedules 2 residential cleanings per week day. While this means we are limited on appointments available it will also result in much higher quality service for YOU, which is our main priority. If you are wanting to book an appointment on a day that is already full, you can call us and request to be put on our WAITING LIST. This will allow you to be contacted for a “short notice appointment” if there is a cancellation in our schedule, via text, email, or phone call (whichever YOU prefer).

Your time is valuable and we insist on not wasting it!

Therefore, we appreciate clients like YOU, who recognize our time is valuable too.

Rain - In years’ past we would reschedule window cleanings if it were going to rain. In fact, we would often call you before your appointment to let you know if the forecast said there was a 50% chance or higher that rain might be coming. However, since investing in “Pure Water” technology we’ve found that windows cleaned by our system DO NOT get spotted by the rainstorms. It is a misconception that rain makes windows dirty, actually DIRT makes windows dirty. Rain is pure enough (although not nearly as pure as our “Ultra-Pure Water”) that it itself will not spot your freshly cleaned windows. Hence, we no longer reschedule window cleanings simply because rain is in the forecast. If we are able to clean the windows (even in a light rain) we will do so. The windows will still look AMAZING when we are done.

Pets - We LOVE your pets, and do everything possible to make sure that when we are on your property your pets are in no way endangered by our cleaning methods or even our opening and closing doors or gates. If you know that one of your pets is likely to bolt for the door or gate as soon as it is opened please take the necessary precaution to kindly keep your pet in it's kennel (crate) or in a separate room with the door closed, as we would HATE for any of your animals to get loose or worse.

Nobody Home - If our crew shows up for a scheduled appointment only to find that no one is home, we will make every effort to contact you. But ultimately, if we cannot get ahold of you we will proceed with the cleaning as best as can be done. This may result in an “Exterior only” cleaning instead of a full “Interior & Exterior” cleaning as perhaps was scheduled. If a separate “Interior only” cleaning therefore has to be scheduled this will result in a seperate $89 deposit. It is not our responsibility to make sure you are present for your scheduled appointment, it is yours. If you are not home and some windows are covered by screens that cannot be removed from the outside of the house, those windows will not be able to be cleaned. If a pet of yours seems less than friendly when we come to service your home and you are not present, we may choose not to let ourselves into your backyard if it seems risky for your pet or our technicians.