Any window cleaning company can give you clean windows. But how many of them clean your windows for FREE to show you their appreciation for your loyalty?

How many of them give you money if they are late and mess up your schedule? How many of them guarantee your windows won’t get spotted up from the rain during the Monsoon season if you get your windows cleaned and then it rains? And how many window cleaning companies in Tucson use Ultra Pure Water to give you an unspeakable streakless result on your windows at every cleaning? Well, I can’t speak for every other window cleaning company, but Streakless Windows does all that, and as far as we know we’re the only one! So… why would you look anywhere else?

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The Ultra Pure Water Advantage*

YOUR windows will be cleaner, longer.

Streakless Windows is “Tucson’s ONLY Pure Water window cleaners”. You will absolutely get cleaner windows that stay cleaner longer because we have invested in the future of window cleaning. Not only will your glass and window frames get cleaner, but some windows which have been difficult or impossible to reach before due to terrain, landscaping, or architecture, are NOW able to be cleaned with our specialized tools. “Pure Water window cleaning” is also the SAFEST method of cleaning windows (we can clean up to 6 stories high while we keep both feet on the ground) therefore ensuring even less chance of any costly accidents on your property, giving you even MORE PEACE OF MIND.

Fixed Prices, No Surprises

YOU won’t have to worry about price increases for at least 5 years.

Don’t be scared to call a window cleaner for fear that the price will be even higher than the last time the windows were cleaned. Instead, YOU can become another satisfied customer of Streakless Windows, the ONLY window washing company in Tucson to guarantee your prices won’t change for 5 years!

Digital Punch Card

Get every 6th window cleaning absolutely FREE!

Because our clients love clean windows most of them have their windows cleaned 2-4 times a year. And yes, some of them get cleaned more often, and that’s okay too. We love clean windows too, but we love YOUR smiling faces even more. So, we’ve decided that after your 5th paid cleaning you should receive your 6th cleaning ABSOLUTELY FREE! (“Exterior Only” cleanings earn a FREE “Exterior Only” cleaning and “Interior & Exterior” cleanings earn a FREE “Interior & Exterior” cleaning) It doesn’t matter if YOUR service costs $200 or $2,000- it’s FREE!

$100 Appointment Guarantee

YOU and your time are truly valuable to us.

While cleaning windows at a home not long ago, we witnessed the immense FRUSTRATION of our client as she waited for over 3 hours for another company’s employees to show up to do some work on her home. They didn’t even call to say they’d be running late. Streakless Windows feels this is beyond inconsiderate, it’s inconceivable! So we want to GUARANTEE to you here and now that if we ever run 3 hours or more late for an appointment (even if we call to say so) YOU will get a well deserved $100 for your wait.

EXTRA “Freebies” so YOU will love us even more ...

and you’ll tell YOUR FRIENDS about us too!

With every “Exterior” cleaning (whether “Exterior Only” or part of an “Interior & Exterior” cleaning) YOUR window frames will get scrubbed, ensuring little to no spotting or drips can occur if a rainstorm pops up anytime soon thereafter.

With every “Interior” cleaning YOUR window sills (not to be confused with the window tracks) will be wiped clean and dry. This way no water will be left on the sills that could otherwise run down the walls, leaving unsightly stains.

Our “Pure Water window cleaning” process leaves windows so clean even a rainstorm won’t mess them up, but for your EXTRA peace of mind we’re offering our exclusive “MONSOON KILLER” 14-day guarantee to everyone that has their windows cleaned in July or August. So, if you somehow have any windows that have been affected by a rainstorm within 14 days after you have your windows cleaned (only in July or August) just call us and we will come back out and clean the Exterior of those soiled windows ABSOLUTELY FREE!

And there are other amazing special gifts we give to YOU also, but we wouldn’t want to let out all of our secrets here would we? You’ll have to schedule YOUR first appointment with “Tucson’s ONLY Pure Water Window Cleaners” to get the complete “Best Service Experience”.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed*

YOU having nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Oh, and did we mention that Streakless Windows also offers the ONLY “Iron-clad 100% If You Don’t Love the Whole Service Experience You Don’t Pay One Red Cent” guarantee in Tucson? Well, we do, so relax and let us do all the work.

* These benefits (“The Ultra Pure Water Advantage” & “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed”) apply to residential and commercial window cleaning jobs alike, whereas the other benefits listed above (“Fixed Prices, No Surprises”, “$100 Appointment Guarantee”, “Digital Punch Card” and “Extra Freebies”) only apply to residential window cleaning jobs.