Your home is your castle, the results of your dreams, aspirations and hard work. Within those walls is the safe haven of your precious family, where you eat, sleep, laugh, and love. Outside those walls is the natural beauty surrounding your home, the mountains, flowers, cactus, and trees. You’ve spent a lot to live where you do and to enjoy the view you have from inside your home. Nobody knows more about maintaining the value of both your home and your view than Streakless Windows.

What do we do specifically to maintain your home’s value?

  • Harsh chemicals that can contribute to seal-failure on your windows are never used.
  • Your interior window sills are always wiped clean and dry, ensuring no possible water stains.
  • Professional-grade shoe covers are always worn inside your home, to protect all of your flooring.
  • Unlike Tucson tap water (with a TDS* range of 300-500) that is full of minerals that greatly contribute to "hard-water" deposits on your glass, our exclusive "Ultra-Pure" water (with a TDS level of ZERO) leaves no minerals on the glass.
  • Removal of unsightly "hard-water" deposits that may already exist on your windows is a service we have offered to the delight of many customers who never thought they'd see through their windows clearly again.
  • Other valuable services that will restore your home can be performed at the same time as your residential window cleaning service, i.e. gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, pressure washing of your house, sidewalk, or driveway, solar panel cleaning and more.

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*TDS = Total Dissolved Solids is a standard measurement of all substances contained in a liquid such as water, including chemical contaminants. For more information on what TDS is click here.