Reviews from Yelp

"Our house has windows on practically every wall. We unfortunately have a large number of birds that fly in to them, leaving their ghostly impression of wings . (All but one have flown away unharmed). Our windows were treated before we moved in so when I went to clean them, all I did was streak them up, seemingly irreversibly. Add to that a season of monsoons and five-year-olds playing, it was a disaster, my windows were hideous. After shopping around we decided to use Streakless Window Cleaning. The results were beautiful. The man they sent was friendly, professional, and thorough. Screens were taken off and cleaned, and each window thankfully restored to its invisible barrier, meaning, when he was done, I could not tell there was a window there. It was glorious. It has been about 4 months and with the exception of a couple of birds, our results are still stunning. I recommend Streakless Window Cleaning with no caveats."

Elaine G.
April 9, 2015- 1st Time Client

"Total praise for Sean and his team's work! All my apartment windows and screens are spotless with no muss nor fuss. They came immediately, cared about how the work was done and all was executed in a very polite and respectful manner. I will never use any other company!"

Judith Detchon
January 19, 2015- 1st Time Client

"Streakless Windows are the best! Shawn and his crew are honest, polite, punctual and do a fantastic job. I would highly recommend this company."

Elizabeth Curry
June 10, 2013- 1st Time Client

"I have five 2nd story windows and the ground below is sloped. I'd been cleaning them myself with a ladder, etc. but it was pretty treacherous. I called Streakless Windows and Shawn came right over and explained how their technique worked. They cleaned the five windows quickly and beautifully. My experience with them was awesome and I highly recommend them. I will be using them for all my outside window cleaning. Thanks!"

Sherri Cox
November 16, 2012- 1st Time Client

Reviews from Angie's List

"Had solar panels, windows, and screens cleaned. They did an awesome job on some really gross windows. It was hot as Hades. I really felt for Ed, the window washer. But he did a great job. Shawn and he were easy to deal with. I would use them again."

Joan Rust
May 29, 2014 - 1st Time Client

"The entire experience with Streakless Windows exceeded my expectations. As a Realtor I am very particular about the service providers I use and even more restrictive about those that I recommend...The finished product was amazing. I will use them again and will recommend them to all of my clients. My list of contractors, trades and service providers is a short one but these guys made the cut. I could not be happier!"

Mark Finchem (Long Realtor)
November 27, 2012- 1st Time Client

"We have been very happy with the fantastic work Shawn has been doing for us for over six years now. He is very polite and considerate. I would recommend him to anyone who wants great service from beginning to end."

Joanne Stone
Aug 6, 2007- Client since 2002

Additional Reviews

"We just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with the professionalism and efficiency. Your service surpassed any expectations we may have had about your company. I am so glad I discovered you online and will use your services again."

Carol & Bion Smalley
April 20, 2016- 1st Time Client

"Ed is a Pro... excellent work. Shawn is excellent at staying in touch. I am always very pleased!"

Yvette Villamana
February 19, 2016- Client since 2009

"When Ed had finished the windows, it made the whole house look clean. I love it...Thanks!"

Donna Swaim
October 17, 2015- Client since 2012

"I was very impressed with the service I received from Shawn and his team. I own a home in Tucson and rent it out. I coordinated a very large window cleaning job while living out of the area. Shawn was prompt in returning phone calls, honest with his pricing, very thorough in providing me with specific details that assisted him in making decisions about the windows. I trusted him completely to enter my home while I was gone and conduct the work. His customer service is outstanding and I highly recommend his work."

Lorraine Field (Scottsdale, Arizona)
July 22, 2012- 1st Time Client

"Absolutely outstanding cleaning services. Arrived on time, polite, hard working, trustworthy, and considerate. The quality control was exceptional – after we thought all cleaning was done, they examined every single window to ensure not even the slightest smudge remained. Absolutely thrilled!"

Carol Phillips
February 23, 2012- 1st Time Client

“We’ve never had such wonderful and pleasant experiences with other companies. Streakless Windows does a great job of cleaning our windows, every time! But more importantly they’ve earned our loyalty time and again by always showing up on time, making sure our pets don’t get out, doing extra services they don’t even advertise, and treating my wife and I as good friends, not just a paying customer. If you haven’t hired Streakless Windows yet, you don’t know what you are missing!”

Michael Forbes (Green Valley, Arizona)
November 4, 2011- Client since 2006

"I have been using Streakless Windows for years. Shawn and crew are responsible, hard working, polite and dependable. I would highly recommend their services. They just did my windows inside and outside and my whole house just sparkles."

Kathy Kirk
March 13, 2012- Client since 2004

"Shawn and crew, just wanted to say thanks so much for taking care of our clients. As a full-service facility maintenance company we always have too much work to do. It's just a relief knowing we don't have to think about the window cleaning because you guys have got it taken care of. One of our clients at TCI Wealth Advisors called to tell us what an amazing job you did last time you were there. I didn't know it was possible to reach those windows without walking on the spanish tile roof, but I'm so happy you were able to work out a solution for them, and a most effective one at that. I love the technology your company brings to the cleaning industry. Who wants to see guys with a rag cleaning windows? Ha ha, keep up the Great Job, and we'll be in touch again soon."

Tom Clark, Citywide Maintenance of Southern Arizona
May 22, 2012- Client since 2011

"Man, you guys are anal about cleaning. I've owned this building for 15 years and I've never seen the windows this clean!"

John Goswick, Owner of Avionics Engineering Services
March 15, 2012- 1st Time Client