Have you been MISINFORMED  about your solar panels’ needs to stay clean?

Most PV (photo-voltaic) system salesmen and/or installers say one of the following:

    1. “No, you don’t ever need to clean solar panels”
    2. “Rain will wash your solar panels clean”
    3. “Just give them a quick rinse with your garden hose”
The facts relating to those statements are:
    1. In the desert where we live, you DO NEED to keep them clean, (see the scientific data below). In other climates it may not be as necessary to clean your solar panels to keep them operating, but if you do clean them they will always operate more efficiently (and that means saving you more money).
    2.  Does rain wash your windows or your car clean? Not really, and it doesn’t do much better of cleaning solar panels. In other parts of the earth, where it rains a lot, it is possible for rain to keep your panels from accumulating dust, just not here, in Tucson, Arizona.
    3. Tucson has what we call “hard-water” (full of minerals), so if you rinse your solar panels with your garden hose, it WILL leave hard-water deposits just like you get on the windows, except these will prevent the PV cells from absorbing and converting sunlight into energy. Basically it will kill your solar panels.


Scientific American Magazine released the following findings of Dr. Malay Mazumder on the negative impact dust accumulation can have on Solar Panels back in 2010.


Google Case Study

Google Solar Panel Cleaning Evidence


As stated in PVmagazine.com

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Covered Parking Solar Panels need Cleanings too!

Covered Parking Solar Panels need Cleanings too!