Commercial Window Cleaning in Tucson

What would happen if a potential customer showed up to your office or storefront, saw the dirty windows and walked away to your competition’s beautifully cleaned location instead? Not only could that happen, but you’d never know that you just lost a customer by not doing something that can so easily be remedied. You spend lots of time and money trying to encourage, entice, persuade and motivate people to do business with you. Don’t waste all of that by not giving them a beautiful, clean office, storefront, or lobby to interact with you at.

Streakless Windows Inc. has been helping commercial building managers like you, since 2002, to put your best foot forward and improve your company brand. You are no doubt busy running your business, you shouldn’t have to worry about clean windows and how they’re going to affect this quarter’s earnings. That’s our job, or at least it will be as soon as you call.


** Testimonial– “I’ve owned this building for 15 years and I’ve never seen the windows this clean!”John Goswick, Owner of Avionics Engineering Services **


Flexible Scheduling

Need your business’ windows cleaned before your doors open or do you have to have them done on a day when your office is closed, perhaps the weekend*? “Streakless Windows will do everything possible to make our schedule fit yours”, so as not to interrupt your business or inconvenience your customers in any way.

Have corporate “higher-ups” coming in to town and the windows haven’t been cleaned in a while or are you hosting an event and forgot to schedule the window cleaning? No problem, just call and “Streakless Windows will do everything possible to make our schedule fit yours”. Even if an “Emergency Service”* must be carried out, you’ll have nothing to worry about.


Safe Practices

Using “Ultra-Pure Water” and water-fed-poles we can clean windows as high as 72 ft. while keeping both feet safely planted on the ground. We do still use smaller ladders at times and all of our equipment is checked and maintained to ensure proper working order. If you think hiring the company with the lowest bid is saving money, you’re just lucky they haven’t had an accident on your property yet. If you really want to save money hire the safest window cleaning company.


** Testimonial “Shawn and crew, just wanted to say thanks so much for taking care of our clients. As a full-service facility maintenance company we always have too much work to do. It’s just a relief knowing we don’t have to think about the window cleaning because you guys have got it taken care of. One of our clients at TCI Wealth Advisors called to tell us what an amazing job you did last time you were there. I didn’t know it was possible to reach those windows without walking on the spanish tile roof, but I’m so happy you were able to work out a solution for them, and a most effective one at that. I love the technology your company brings to the cleaning industry.” ** 



Terrain, landscaping, architecture, and other issues can make window cleaning of some buildings nearly impossible… for everyone else. Streakless Windows  has unique answers to the problems many other window cleaners do not. The upside-down pyramid building at 1100 N. Wilmot Rd. (Picor Commercial Real Estate and Vantage West Credit Union) is a great example of this.

The company that used to clean these exterior windows had to set up scaffolding on one side of the building 4 days in a row, and when it was set up on the West side and the South sides, the bank’s drive-thru had to be closed down for the whole day. How convenient is that for your business and customers? Streakless Windows cleaned this whole building in 1 day, set up no scaffolding, inconvenienced not 1 customer and never hindered 1 car from entering the drive-thru and carrying out their banking agenda.

“When you choose to do business with Streakless Windows it doesn’t cost, it pays!”


*Weekend appointments and emergency services carry a 20% surcharge