Removing Calcium Deposits

January 9, 2012 in Streakless Windows

FREEZE, put down the garden hose and no more windows will have to get hurt!

For some reason it doesn’t appear to be common knowledge that the water in Arizona is what is called “hard water”, and that spraying “hard water” onto glass and allowing it to dry there causes damage to the glass. Perhaps it’s just because windows look flat and water appears to run down the glass that home-owners and often even other uneducated trade workers like painters, landscapers, flooring installers, roofers, etc. will all try to wash away their “oopsies” from off the window with a garden hose (and a scraper, but that’s another story). But the facts are that windows, and all glass for that matter, are not actually flat. Microscopically the glass has many peaks and valleys, pits and crevices. Water may run over these microscopic features of the glass, but believe me it leaves a footprint, a large one. If you’ve ever been to Kartchner Caverns you know what running water can do over time. All those stalagmites, stalactites, soda straws, cave bacon, and even the Kubla Khan were made by mineral deposits left behind from running water.

Inside Kartchner Caverns

Can water from your garden hose or sprinklers do that to your windows? Actually yes, although it doesn’t look that amazing. Unfortunately it’s actually quite irritating when your windows become damaged by mineral build-up from hard water. While magnesium and other elements are also to blame the main element that causes this problem is calcium, hence why it is often referred to as “calcium stain” and why most window cleaning companies who, like Streakless Windows, offer to rid your windows of this damage when possible, refer to this type of window restoration service as “Calcium Removal”.

“Did you say window restoration?”, you may ask. Yes, sadly the minerals actually corrode the glass surface and it needs to be restored. Chemicals can be used to remove stage 1 corrosion, but will not remove stage 2 corrosion. Up until recently stage 2 corrosion was thought to be the final straw for the poor damaged window before it moves out of your house and into the landfill. But with the use of grinders and soft abrasive pads designed for hard-water stain and graffiti-removal from glass, stage 2 corrosion can also be removed in most cases now and the glass can be polished to look as good as new.

Before Calcium Removal

After Calcium Removal


Our customers LOVE being able to see through their windows again and you will too.

Call us to schedule an appointment as quick as you can and stop the damage. And don’t forget please, stop watering your windows, they won’t grow flowers.

Fall Weather in Arizona…

January 8, 2012 in Screen Repairs, Streakless Windows

Arizona weather, can you beat it? Not hardly, especially in the fall when the weather starts to dip and we begin to gradually forget how bad those 100 degree days were. It’s time for camp fires, cook-outs, swinging on the back porch swing, and if you’re like most people, turning off the Air-Conditioning or the swamp cooler and opening your windows so you can enjoy the outside while inside. Ahhhh, that’s why we live here, am I right?

Do your screens look like this?

Do your screens look like this?

But wait, oh no! What if your screens are torn? The bees are beginning to die down for the year but the flies continue to swarm and worse yet, mosquitoes that could be carrying the West Nile virus that we are warned about every year on the local news could become a threat to you and your family. What will you do?

 Don’t fret. Streakless Windows has been repairing screens, in most cases on-site, for some time now and even if you have a window that has no screen, we can build you a custom screen to make sure that your family is SAFE and you don’t have to miss out on the best part of living in Arizona, the fall weather!

For those of you that wish you could keep more of the sun out, we can also build Solar Screens, or replace the existing screen you have with Solar Screen.

Want to know how to build or re-screen screens for yourself? We don’t mind if you watch us do the work on your screens so you’ll know what works best and how to do it, then you can try it the next time you need it done. We’ve found that when our clients see the quality of the work we do and try to do it themselves it usually ends up solidifying in their minds the money paid for us to do the work was well-spent in the first place!

Call, e-mail or fill out a contact form for your free on-site screen repair quote now, and get back to enjoying the cooler weather.