Window advertising shouldn’t put you in the “DARK” ages! 

As professional window cleaners here in Tucson, we see a lot of signs on storefronts. Some have to be taken down to have the windows cleaned and some are adhesive so they stay put, but most all of them are for advertising important information for that business. Therefore, oftentimes the business is willing to forgo some other important things like light transmission and visibility from the interior out. But it doesn’t have to and shouldn’t be that way.


Commercial Advertising with Perforated Signs

All 3 of these “Perforated Signs” do their job advertising for the business, but without compromising light transmission or interior visibility. And they’re easy to clean!

The other day I noticed a great product (that Streakless Windows is in no way affiliated with, does not sell or recommend anyone that does) on some windows of a local restaurant. These are called “perforated signs”. They are adhesively applied to the window and therefore do not require removal to clean the windows. They do the most important job of advertising on the outside of the business, while still allowing for awesome visibility and light transmission inside the business. I can see more and more businesses (especially those with a nice view) going to this type of signage, as it is virtually invisible from the interior.

Beautiful windows that still advertise.

In fact, here’s a view from the inside looking out the window that has the “NOW OPEN” sign on it, not that you could tell.

The technology behind “Perforated Signs” is not that old, and can even be found in the auto decal industry, often used in auto “wraps”. While some distortions can occur depending on the shapes of the auto and the perforation sizes of the holes on the sign, these do not appear to be a problem when applied to flat glass. Here is an up-close view of the same “NOW OPEN” sign as above, but from the exterior, showing the perforations (holes).

Perforated window sign up close

Up-close view of a Perforated Window Sign.

Advertising is important, especially to commercial businesses. You’re already spending money on “Location, Location, Location”, paying a professional window cleaning company like Streakless Windows here in Tucson, Arizona to clean your windows so your storefront looks amazing on the outside and no doubt using other forms of advertising to drive people to your store. Don’t go scaring them off by making your place of business feel like a dungeon with signs that ruin the ambience. Just a thought, but thanks for letting me share it.

Shawn White, President