“Are you crazy? A guarantee like that is just going to draw every cheap bum who wants something for nothing”, I’ve been told. “Ha, ha, ha, fool!”, laugh the other window cleaners in Tucson. But to all of that skepticism I say, “Are we professionals or aren’t we?”.

If you get your windows cleaned by another window cleaning company and aren’t satisfied, what are they going to do? Tell you, “Too bad, we did the work so we’re keeping the money”? Not likely, but possibly. Most any company that wants to be in business tomorrow isn’t looking to cheat people, at least not to their faces. But, unfortunately there are companies that don’t really care about their customers. I know, because I too am a customer of many companies out there, and I am with you on being disgusted at the low quality of workmanship and worse yet, the character of those expected to be in charge and expected to CARE. I won’t name any names here, but I was in a restaurant the other day and an employee in the back was moving freshly cooked biscuits without gloves on. The man who was standing at the counter next to me was apparently waiting for a sandwich that was going to be made on one of those biscuits. Sure enough, the lady making the sandwich reached over and grabbed a biscuit that had just been moved from the oven to the warming trays by the other employee without gloves. So after he was handed his biscuit sandwich he told the lady at the register that he wanted a new sandwich made from a biscuit that was untouched by the gloveless employee. The woman at the register seemed irritated and began to argue that the gloveless employee wasn’t the one making the sandwich. Long story, short: They remade the man’s sandwich and before he left he asked the argumentative woman to get the manager so he could speak to them about the issue… and you probably already guessed it, this argumentative woman, who felt there was nothing wrong with the gloveless employee handling the biscuits, was indeed the manager!

What is the point here? People running businesses too often don’t care about your feelings and needs. This is why the “so-called competition” laugh at Streakless Windows Inc.’s Industry-leading Guarantee. They don’t care that you don’t want to have to worry if you’re going to get great service. But we do, and that’s why we don’t just offer a “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” like other companies, because all that really means is, “If we don’t do a great job and WE GET CAUGHT we’ll come back and try to fix it because we’re not refunding any of the money we got paid already anyway”. Isn’t that the type of guarantee that every company is giving whether it’s expressed or not? Then there’s the companies that offer a “Money-back guarantee”. But that means you already had to pay them, and so then you’re left worrying if you’re actually going to get the money back or if they’ll just go out of business and keep your money, or how long it will take to get your money back, 1 week, 30 days, 90 days? C’mon, we’re all adults here and we all work hard for the money we get, so let’s stop playing games with our customers’ expectations and money, and instead find out what their needs and expectations are and then OVER-DELIVER on those expectations. At least that’s what Streakless Windows believes it means to be a professional service company. Perhaps the competition doesn’t realize what SERVICE means.